Repsol Sinopec

Block BM-C-33

Repsol Sinopec - BM -C-33 Block

Concession contracts to explore and produce oil and natural gas has two distinct phases. The first one is the Exploration Phase, when the oil company tries to identify the geological structures of the area and to measure the sizes of reservoir in order to decide if the field is economically feasible. If it is economically feasible, a Commerciality Declaration is made and the field enters into the second phase, the Production Phase. Explaining te origin of the expression Exploration and Producution (E&P). The fisrt stage of the Production Phase is the Development of Production, when all the preparations for the beginning of the Production is made. Also, during this stage it is included all the design and construction of the units that will be installed in the field, such as FPSO and subsea equipment.

After the discoveries of Seat, Gávea and Pão de Açúcar, the consortium operated by Repsol Sinopec initiated the evaluation plan and feasibility studies of the area. RBNA Consult contributed elaborating the logistics studies considering different production scenario. Also, it was done a market survey, local content simulations and investment analysis for each scenario.